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    Disciple with the GOOD SHEPHERD

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    Enjoy with the LIGHT OF THE WORLD

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I have a note on the wall in my office saying: “Prayer changes things”. This is so true. I’ve seen how fever went away after I prayed for my children when they were still young. I’ve seen the weather change as it began to hail and I prayed for the hail to stop. I have also seen how prayer helped people in our prayer group we have in the church. There were people who went for operations and the results were positive. We prayed for people who had pain and the pain went away quickly. We prayed for someone whose child was knocked over by a car and the child recovered completely. There were so many who were sick and they recovered. There was a break-in at a store once and people were held hostage. We prayed and everything worked out well in the end. Cars that were stolen were found again, etc.! I would, therefore, like to thank everyone in the prayer group. You are all very precious and you change things by your continued prayers.
Susan de Bruin