Disciple - With the GOOD SHEPHERD
People into a passionate worship lifestyle, to follow God with creative intimate love expression.

Build - With the BREAD OF LIFE
Healthy families and quality relationships in the context of the family of God.

Train - With the WAY, TRUTH & LIFE
Leaders and people according to their identified unique potential as effective breakthrough believers.

Activate - With the RESURRECTION & LIFE
Develop, empower and realease each member according to God's dream for them.

Plant - With the TRUE VINE
churches, cell groups, ministries and training centres on the five-fold ministry basis, locally and internationally.

Reach - With the DOOR OF THE SHEEP
Bloemfontein, South Africa and other nations with Jesus Christ, according to their redemptive destiny in Jesus Christ.

Enjoy - With the LIGHT OF THE WORLD
God and people in His eternal light and presence where your house becomes His home.