Cell groups are arranged into two zones: Ambassador zone (families and young adults) and David-tribe zone (young adults, varsity, college and tech. students) Discipleship and living practically with what God is doing in the congregation as a whole is an integral part of cell/family groups. Through fellowship, digging into God's Word and walking closely with cell members and leadership we grow in/with the family of God in quality and an intimate worship lifestyle with God.

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Weekly Testimony

Weekly Testimony

" I had a friend who asked me to pray with her and trust God's guidance with a new Job opportunity. The word that kept buzzing in my spirit was 'Transparency'. I told her that God is sending her there ti bring an example of trabnsparancy in the company. She was encouraged to go ahead with accepting the job offer, as it confirmed what Father was telling her about it. Her first day on the Job, she was so encourages that she is exactly where God wants her in this time "
Emma Marais

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