Cell groups are arranged into two zones: Ambassador zone (families and young adults) and David-tribe zone (young adults, varsity, college and tech. students) Discipleship and living practically with what God is doing in the congregation as a whole is an integral part of cell/family groups. Through fellowship, digging into God's Word and walking closely with cell members and leadership we grow in/with the family of God in quality and an intimate worship lifestyle with God.

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Mimosa Mall Rooftop Worship

08 May

Ascension Day Service

10 May

General Leaders' Meating

14 May @17:30 for All Leader || @ 19:0 for Core Leaders

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English(Evening):   17:00
Weekly Testimony

Weekly Testimony

"I am a Pilates instructor at Virgin Active Gym and during the last few weeks I had started losing confidence when presenting the classes, for various reasons. Last week Wednesday night at cell, while we were building in the Spirit, God showed me how I brought His presence into that studio and how it was drawing people into the studio (almost like a sweet fragrance luring people in). The next day when I arrived at class, I put the music on (I only use worship music) as I was getting ready and completely forgot what God showed me. Usually it’s a good day if 2 people rock up for the class. The next moment people started streaming in. About 15 minutes into the class I realised what had happened. God’s presence lured them in. It was amazing to be able to ‘minister’ to these clients in this manner and in a place where ‘worship of self’ is such a strong focus. "
Ester Jones

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