Testimonies from tour

Testimonies from tour image
The last 2 months we were practicing for the Igive production with Acts Children. We had so much fun helping with the dances and choir. The Message of the production was about the different gifts God gives us and how we can use them. We had 531 children that participated and it was a huge success. There were so many volunteer teachers that came to help and we were also very encouraged by them.

Tarien Broodryk (GP2)

We had the opportunity to present stage makeup to a group of girls from a special need school (Learning challenges). The teacher thought the group would be a challenge to keep focused and warned us before hand, but when we started off with prayer and i could minister on inner beauty and how God sees us, it set the for the rest of the class. We also declared Psalm 139 in the class, and we could see the impact the word had on young ladies. Praise God for the opportunity and for ministering to the ladies through a practical skills.

Samantha Dewaldt (GP2)