Our church offers sport initiatives every Tuesday and Thursday between 17h00-19h00 (5-7pm). These initiatives run all year round.

If you are not interested in the sports, you may join the aerobics class - "Body Language" - between 17h00 - 18h30.
Please feel free to contact the church office for further inquiries or for any suggestions on other sports you might want to be involved in or be prepared to oversee..

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School of the Spirit Conference in Malaysia with Dr Jonathan David:

27 Nov – 2 Dec

Kingdom Arrows Outreach:

29 Sept - 7 Oct

OFH Congregation Camp:

20-22 October

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English(Evening):   17:00
Weekly Testimony

Weekly Testimony

" This year I was very blessed to see that the more I learn to hear the Holy Spirit, the easier it becomes. One day when I checked my day word it said: 'check your e-mail'. I then checked my e-mails in the morning but but nothing was there. While I was writing one of my Creare exams that afternoon, my doctor phoned and said that she sent an important information and I must please check my e-mail. Last week Sunday evening we spoke about having faith in what you are praying for. I forgot to check my day word that morning and when I checked it during the service, it said: 'have faith in me. Don't doubt me'. Another day my day word was 'practice your guitar' and I realised that I forgot about my guitar exam that day. It was amazing how God reminded me on that exact day to practice! During the April creare training Conference I got tired of my phone (which doesnt usually happen), left it at home and just wanted to talk to people. I thought it's just my own emotions until I saw my day word for that day:'Put your phone down and build relationships with people'. "
Alice Novotorzhina

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