Our church offers sport initiatives every Tuesday and Thursday between 17h00-19h00 (5-7pm). These initiatives run all year round.

If you are not interested in the sports, you may join the aerobics class - "Body Language" - between 17h00 - 18h30.
Please feel free to contact the church office for further inquiries or for any suggestions on other sports you might want to be involved in or be prepared to oversee..

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Weekly Testimony

Weekly Testimony

" I had a friend who asked me to pray with her and trust God's guidance with a new Job opportunity. The word that kept buzzing in my spirit was 'Transparency'. I told her that God is sending her there ti bring an example of trabnsparancy in the company. She was encouraged to go ahead with accepting the job offer, as it confirmed what Father was telling her about it. Her first day on the Job, she was so encourages that she is exactly where God wants her in this time "
Emma Marais

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