Walter Potgieter

In December 2019, I was busy working on one of my sites as usual. I was busy cutting wood with my miter saw. The next moment, the cover of the saw, that protects you from getting cut, suddenly came off. The blade, unfortunately, cut my left forearm, making an incision of about 10mm wide by 7cm long. The blade was so hot that it immediately sealed, stopping it from bleeding. I covered the wound and continued working. I was just too busy to go to the doctor, and I sort of forgot about it. About two days later, my very curious little daughter asked me what had happened to my arm. In less detail, I explained what happened. She just said, “Oh,” and walked out of the office.  A few minutes later, she came back and asked if she could pray for the injury. (I ended up praying for it) But we went on our knees together and asked God to heal it. Within one week, there was already such a big difference in the wound! Now I only have a slight mark where the cut happened. It taught me to have faith like a child! In this case, like a 4-year-old girl. It got healed in only a week! A cut that I actually needed stitches for and never got. God is so good!

Answer Moray

One morning, while I was getting ready for school, I saw a Scripture and prayer someone posted on our cell group. I read it and it immediately encouraged me! Later that day, I had to write a big matric exam. When I walked into the examination hall, the invigilator read the exact same Scripture before allowing us to start! I was actually feeling so anxious about this exam, and when the invigilator read it to us, it was such a powerful confirmation of what God was saying to me! There was no doubt in my mind that God was speaking to me!
It also encouraged me to start sharing more, because you never know who will be touched by it!

Donné Mazibuko

I have shared this before, but I stand amazed every week while planning out the Sunday school lesson. Every week I have a dayword that has something to do with the lesson I am planning. A few weeks ago, my dayword was, "Set a fire down in my soul." The theme of the lesson was “God's word as a fire.”

The week after that, my dayword was, "Water runs deep." The theme of the lesson was "God's word as a fountain.” God is so good!