Last week I was heavy hearted because I had to make the tough decision to keep my daughter from school for a few months until we our finances were stable. We have been struggling heavily and I have just been losing hope and feeling broken hearted. I felt like I was losing my faith in God and my trust in His ability to provide for us.

I began to make an effort to trust Him, proclaiming daily that He hears me and knows my heart and that He is in control so I need not worry. I just wanted to restore my faith and consciously choose God, be grateful for what He has already done and not limit His abilities even in my current situation.

Sometimes, this was harder than I thought. I would pray, wanting to trust Him, but found that I was still sceptical. I still wondered where the money would come from, thinking about the bills that still needed to be paid and how money doesn't grow on trees.

Well, today I can say that although it doesn't come from trees, God showed me it will come from somewhere if He wants it to get to you to change your situation. I feel so blessed because someone far away blessed me with a remarkably large amount. It was enough to pay 3 months of my daughters fees - just what we needed. God surprised me in my broken-hearted state and while I still felt so far from Him. He listens, even when I don't say anything.

Promise Mosiako

I am so grateful for 'daywords' these past few weeks. They have been so useful to connect and realign myself with what God wants me to do throughout the day and week. Sometimes, when I wake up, I have no specific expectation for the day, but after checking my dayword, I am encouraged and it stirs an expectation for what God wants to do during the day!


Throughout my life the Lord has proven again and again that He is my source and provider. Recently I had to go to the doctor and the medical aid covered the appointment but not the medicine. The total cost of the medicine was R585.00 and we only had R190.00 left. The week before this, I had received a gift card for R400.00 at Dischem. The Lord knew exactly how much I needed! Once again He proved faithful to provide for His children. Even before we asked, it was given! Praise the Lord.