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29 May 2017

We had a wonderful time in Siberia. We toured to different towns and I gave a lot of  prophetic training, namely Spiritual Gifts and Accurate Stature in the Prophetic, and some Church Planting and Missions academy subjects. There were a lot of breakthroughs in different churches, especially at the main church in Prokopyevsk (Pastor Oleg Novotorzhina’s church). There was a tremendous breakthrough in a men’s Flags class. In the prophetic classes there were healings and a flow of words of knowledge. I see that people began to see the heart of this ministry more than just seeing it as an art school. We are now in Moscow for two weeks, having meetings with Armenian Pastors. Louise, Lourens and Irenie are teaching at the ACE school this week. Pray for us as we build contacts and relationships with the Armenian church leaders.

In my first week in Prokopyevsk, I did a flag dance in the church on the song: "God of this city" (The Russian version). This opened the hearts of the men of the church to learn a bit more about dance; something we have been trusting God for a long time. Last week I finally had the opportunity to get a couple of the men together (about 20) - and they danced!!!! A lot of people were very surprised at how the men were willing to just do this—and they didn't do it because they had to. They were enjoying worshiping God through dance. This is not normal for a Russian man. It is not in their culture and they have been resisting for a few years, but God opened up the people's hearts and He did His work. At a stage God's presence was so strong, that the people in the art class, taking place downstairs on the other side of the church, felt His presence. I prayed quite a lot for the class, and asked our prayer team in Bloemfontein to pray with. We prayed that God will take over the class, and He did. Nothing I did could have brought a breakthrough like the one that took place. Praise the Lord!!!! We are now in Moscow spending the next 4 weeks at a Christian school. The school is quite unique in the aspect that majority of the students are the children of politicians and other ‘high-up’ people. It is also unique because it has about 5% Christian students, and 95% Muslims, Buddhists etc. Some of the children crept into my heart during the first 5 minutes. Others tested my character like it has not been tested for a long time. If I was allowed to send children out of my class, some of the classes would be left with about 5 kids. I am taking up the challenge to show these kids God's unconditional love. If they have not received Christ after 6 years of reading scriptures every week and hearing the truth daily, then I will do my best to love them into the kingdom. I have seen how prayer brings breakthroughs where it seems impossible, so I will also be spending quite some time on my knees. Please pray with us! Lourens Strydom


29 May 2017

My Name Is Paul (in Arabic Boulos) Aqleh. I was born in Jerusalem but live in Bethlehem. God Called me to join Creare for one year in 2004. He gave me the gift of music and allowed me to come to South Africa to improve my musical talents. Now I play 6 instruments mostly piano, guitar and Gembe. My family and I started a home church in 2006 after I returned home from South Africa. It is a blessing to the community. In 2008 God led us to start a Christian hostel and we called it House of Peace. It is 5 minutes away from the birth place of Jesus. I help my parents with it. In 2011 I got married to Ieva from Latvia - she is also a musician like me but has a better voice than me, so I thank God for fulfilling my dream to record an album in 2014. It is called “O Jesus Come”. After a few months of finishing this project God blessed us with our first daughter, Trevina, which means “triangle of beauty” (name taken from Romans 16:12). At the moment I play piano in different churches in Bethlehem and by God's Grace He has opened a door to organize pilgrimage trips to the Holy Land at a low budget in order to help believers to come at a low cost. I pray God makes us a blessings to the nations that come from all over the world - that they will experience God in a deeper level! It is called GO Deeper Tours. I often remember South Africa and hope to visit soon with my family. Warm Blessings from Bethlehem - The Holy Land!!



10 July 2017

A few weeks ago on Thursday, my grandpa who was sick but had begun to recover, suddenly passed away. The circumstances were not pleasant and so we were quite broken. That Friday morning, my uncle asked me to announce his passing, so I wrote a tribute on Facebook and afterward saw that my day word was “Open Letter”. On the Saturday we drove through to the family and I asked God for a scripture that would bring comfort. I immediately felt to read Mark 12:24-27…which I did not know from memory. It said that those who die are like angels in heaven and that God is the God of the living, not the dead. Wow! This encouraged us so much, being reminded Grandpa is alive and with God. My day word for Sunday was “God in my living!”, and for Monday “Encourage your mother”. After all this, the world changed for me, and I realised life cannot be perfect and though we all will go through seemingly unbearable pain as life moves along, this is how beautiful God is, that He always knows what we are facing, that He has overcome death, and that He carries us through.

Monique Foster


06 June 2017

I started doing outreaches at the Police station, the clinic and specific farms. We also started with a "church service" every Saturday morning at the farm where I work. I marvel at the people's openness, hunger for God and their reactions to the Word of God and testimonies I share. Please pray that it will grow and influence the community. We also started with a bootcamp at the church, to get our bodies in line and fit but also as an outreach tool. This week, a man who never goes to church, joined, and exercised in church on "Christian music".
Arno Meyer


06 June 2017

We have been sharing some Courtship principles with the Youth Group. We testified from our own lives and the youngsters really took an interest and spoke to their parents. One specific family approached us and said they want to do the course, Courtship, with us. We organized a date and nine families attended—families we have never met. As we presented Courtship to them, they were all so open. It was amazing to do this with the whole family and not just with the specific individuals. These families were truly impacted and we are seeing a culture change, as the youth are starting to be more accountable to us and their parents regarding relationships. Pray for the Youth of our country, but more than that, go and impact them with the testimony of your life.
Jaco & Retha Ackerman

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Weekly Testimony

" I had a friend who asked me to pray with her and trust God's guidance with a new Job opportunity. The word that kept buzzing in my spirit was 'Transparency'. I told her that God is sending her there ti bring an example of trabnsparancy in the company. She was encouraged to go ahead with accepting the job offer, as it confirmed what Father was telling her about it. Her first day on the Job, she was so encourages that she is exactly where God wants her in this time "
Emma Marais

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